Upcoming Pitching event – apply to Pitch Live!

We’re planning to organize a pitching event this autumn at Starttaamo. The idea is to give startups a chance to get REAL live feedback on their idea, the pitch itself, the team, the problem, plans, markets, financing potential, etc. We’re bringing over a good number of business angels and venture capitalists, and hope to matchmake them to the startups. The working title for the event is “Somepitching Live!”, as some of the Starttaamo founders are also founders of the business idea competition Somepitching

There will most likely be very different technologies and industries represented, thus we’re also canvasing very different angels on board. It doesn’t matter if you’re not looking for investment just now, but if you at some point in the future see yourself as possibly be looking for external investors, it’s good to first of all get feedback on the above mentioned things, but secondly also to get your name and face out there – getting to know the angels upfront. Remember, the team counts (according to many) even up to 90% of the investment decision, idea only 10%, so becoming known outside of your little comfortable chamber or room in the addict, come out and play, make friends and let everyone know you’re the MAN what comes to the expertise in your respected area. Tell them about the great venture you’re working on, one that may change the world.

Exact schedule, rules to participate, etc. will be announced later, but get in touch with us asap, we’re already building up a list of potential pitchers. NOT everyone may get a chance to pitch, no promises there, but we’re making the event the best possible, so get your feet wet and give us a shout! The worst that can happen is that you don’t get any feedback what so ever… Then you may never know if your idea had any potential or not!

Let me know if YOU would be interested in joining the event this autumn… Get in touch NOW!

Tom Laine


+358 400 296 196

Ps. All participants may also get help in participating in the actual Somepitching competition if help wanted…


CEO and Co-Founder of Innopinion Co-Founder and Chairman of SomePitching.com Co-Founder at Starttaamo Owner of HC Services (personal cons. comp.) Co-Founder of Encompass Solutions (SW subcontracting)

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