The famous Pub Summit coming to Starttaamo May 31st

The world famous Pub Summit events land to Oulu and Starttaamo 31.5.2013 at 1800 hours.

The registration for the FREE event takes place here;

Pub Summits are basically a world tour of the most interesting startup hubs, in search of the new new thing in tech. This year the only place in Finland they will visit is Oulu, and Starttaamo is proud to host the event!

There will be pitching and voting of the best startup, and the best startup will be considered to have access to the actual Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, October 30-31st. Read more about the main event here

The Pub Summit is all about networking and meeting interesting people, and we’ll have some local startup people sharing some interesting news about what’s happening at the scene.

But just to give you an idea what Web Summit is all about, this year the speakers include interesting names such as Niclas Zennström/Skype, Phil Libin/Evernote, Esther Dyson (Valkee), Robert Scoble (blogger), Kevin Rose/Google Ventures, Matt Mullenweg/WordPress, Eugene Kaspersky/Kaspersky Labs, and about 350 other speakers who haven’t been announced yet!

If you’d like to pitch your startup and enter the startup contest, follow Starttaamo Facebook pages closely at

We’ll also be announcing a sponsor for the event soon, tomorrow I hope, so check that out at Facebook as well.

Then there will also be a startup documentary being shot, a doc that tours the world visiting interesting startup hubs and talking to the most interesting companies around. Now, we don’t have a say to which companies they will talk to and who if anyone in Oulu will get to the doc, but we have already provided a list of local companies with certain criteria which is the baselist that they will choose from themselves (companies from Starttaamo, YritysTakomo and Business Kitchen are on the list as well as some outside of these hubs). We will advice them in choosing if asked, but as of now they have been going through the list by themselves.

For more information get in touch with Tom Laine,


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