The 1st Starttaamo Viikko is here!

The first ever Starttaamo Week (Starttaamo Viikko, really) is starting Monday!

The week consists of 5 days of brilliant events around startup scene. Monday starts with Starttaamo SSS – StartUp Sparring Sessions, Tuesday we have visitors from Aalto Venture Garage in the form of StartUp Sauna taking place at Starttaamo. Wednesday there is a creative industry event hosted by LULU and Kaleva, and Thursday we have the great GameSpring event in Oulu, with special guest speakers all the way from Silicon Valley (and from Southern Finland, of course), followed by Mobile Monday-Thursday with interesting mystery speakers. And we finish the most exciting startup week ever in Oulu with game sparring sessions and Socializing Friday! What more could you hope for of a Starttaamo-led week?


CEO and Co-Founder of Innopinion Co-Founder and Chairman of Co-Founder at Starttaamo Owner of HC Services (personal cons. comp.) Co-Founder of Encompass Solutions (SW subcontracting)

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