Starttaamo receiving lots of news coverage

Starttaamo has been receiving wide news media coverage lately, and looks like there’s more to come. And not just Starttaamo, but the Starttaamo partner SomePitching as well. SomePitching is being run from the premises of Starttaamo, and that has created some interesting new possibilities for both the premises as well as the business idea competition.

Just recently SomePitching Live! event drew together a great crowd to pitch their ideas to business angels and alike, and the success was of such magnitude that we’re now planning to organize more of such events. There were startups from all over, most distant pitchers came from Joensuu! More news regarding these upcoming pitching events will follow in the near future. And now we’re hearing that both Starttaamo and SomePitching (hopefully!) will soon be mentioned at The Wall Street Journal as well, let’s hope the story goes through editors as planned, but even if not, it’s good to hear that the attention was successfully awakened during the reporters recent visit to Oulu and to the Starttaamo premises – the reporter was at the premises several times and long sessions during the 3-day visit. There may well be a wide coverage on Oulu region startups.

SomePitching has also been covered by both web and print Kaleva during last weekend, regarding the on-going competition (have you voted yet?).

W-Secure, one of Starttaamo’s original members, was recently covered nicely at Kauppalehti, and we hear many of the well-known tech magazines have been covering their new product launch as well. Nice job, guys!

Starttaamo has received today some major coverage by the biggest Oulu-region newspaper Kaleva, with amazing graphics and stuff! Now go buy Kaleva if you want to know what really happens in Oulu these days at the startup scene 😉 All major startup and entrepreneurial players of the region were covered in the paper, with all arrows on Starttaamo as being the single one place where the startup actions happens and where all the startup people head to after having done their turn on the schools, centers and institutes preparing them to take off the business idea they may have. Great stuff!

And for tomorrow, check out Yle morning TV at around 07.20, there should be nice startup coverage including SomePitching as well, with studio visitors from Aalto and Lifeline Ventures. Good to see the startup action is being noticed by the main media as well!

And last but not least, a reminder. Slush Helsinki event will cover a nice amount of startup pitches on stage, and of course some of the Starttaamo startups will be joining the event! Go Slush!



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