“Law clinic” at Starttaamo, on Wed January 23rd 3-5pm


As a cooperation with KPMG and Starttaamo, we will have a

“Law clinic” at Starttaamo, on Wed January 23rd 3-5pm.

Present there, we will have Antti-Pekka Keränen, KPMG lawyer, a specialist on business law, with strong ICT background sharing his advice – free of charge.

Startup companies are welcome to join an open discussion, or bring their cases to be discussed. The clinic will be done in open space environment (not behind closed doors) to help the startup community learn also from each other, but all participants are bound to high business ethics on what is discussed – of course, most topics can also be discussed in a way that no specifics (names, numbers, details) need to be discussed.

To have some idea of number of participants, please drop me an email. There is no deadline, 15 mins before is just ok. 🙂

Teemu Polo
Starttaamo ry

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