Starttaamo hosted a team from Samsung for second time

We have had a pleasure of welcoming and hosting teams from Samsung that want to find new innovation and technology partners. Now we have introduced roughly 20 Oulu startup companies (almost all Starttaamo members) to Samsung, plus number of other institutions and teams in Oulu.

Due to the nature of the visits, the visits are typically arranged within small circles, but last time – thanks to MobileMonday and BusinessOulu sponsorship – we were able to arrange “public access”, i.e. anybody was able to approach Samsung team, and pitch their companies.

Next steps are already being planned. It seems there will be third wave of Samsung visits coming soon. As theme or focus areas are still not decided upon we are not selecting companies yet, but as soon as things start to clear up we’ll approach our member companies to start prepare the pitches. Meanwhile we of course try our best to keep the leads of existing companies progressing..

Teemu Polo
Starttaamo chairman

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The famous Pub Summit coming to Starttaamo May 31st

The world famous Pub Summit events land to Oulu and Starttaamo 31.5.2013 at 1800 hours.

The registration for the FREE event takes place here;

Pub Summits are basically a world tour of the most interesting startup hubs, in search of the new new thing in tech. This year the only place in Finland they will visit is Oulu, and Starttaamo is proud to host the event!

There will be pitching and voting of the best startup, and the best startup will be considered to have access to the actual Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, October 30-31st. Read more about the main event here

The Pub Summit is all about networking and meeting interesting people, and we’ll have some local startup people sharing some interesting news about what’s happening at the scene.

But just to give you an idea what Web Summit is all about, this year the speakers include interesting names such as Niclas Zennström/Skype, Phil Libin/Evernote, Esther Dyson (Valkee), Robert Scoble (blogger), Kevin Rose/Google Ventures, Matt Mullenweg/WordPress, Eugene Kaspersky/Kaspersky Labs, and about 350 other speakers who haven’t been announced yet!

If you’d like to pitch your startup and enter the startup contest, follow Starttaamo Facebook pages closely at

We’ll also be announcing a sponsor for the event soon, tomorrow I hope, so check that out at Facebook as well.

Then there will also be a startup documentary being shot, a doc that tours the world visiting interesting startup hubs and talking to the most interesting companies around. Now, we don’t have a say to which companies they will talk to and who if anyone in Oulu will get to the doc, but we have already provided a list of local companies with certain criteria which is the baselist that they will choose from themselves (companies from Starttaamo, YritysTakomo and Business Kitchen are on the list as well as some outside of these hubs). We will advice them in choosing if asked, but as of now they have been going through the list by themselves.

For more information get in touch with Tom Laine,

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Lunacloud now a new Starttaamo partner!

Starttaamo welcomes Lunacloud as our partner!

As part of the agreement: get 500€ worth Lunacloud services as a Starttaamo member. And one Lunacloud € compares to couple of AWS euros… so that’s a great deal!

500 Euros is equivalent to offering approximately one Linux Cloud Server with 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 100 GB DISK during 14 months or one Linux Cloud Server with 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 250 GB DISK for 7 months! Each customer can use this credit at will, by choosing to use more or less resources according to their needs.

Opening an account with Lunacloud at is free. After opening the account, send the email of account opened to Teemu Polo for forwarding to Lunacloud. Lunacloud will issue a credit of 500 Euros on this account, that the customer may use at will, on Cloud Server or Cloud Storage services.

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Starttaamo covered at TechCrunch and several other publications today

Today’s been a fine day! Starttaamo was covered at TechCrunch and several (dozens!) other startup / tech news media across the globe. We announced that the Starttaamo member companies have raised over 10 million euros so far in venture investments. With rough estimation it has been calculated that this sum adds up together with all the public funding somewhere between 20-25 meur! That’s huge!

Kauppalehti and other more local news media have taken the story to their top stories after TechCrunch first released it, and this has created masses of Twitter and other social media messages and TechCrunch retweets from all around the world. It’s been amazing to read all the messages that fly around the subject, and it’s incredible how much “weight” a media such as TechCrunch has over all other media.

Absolutely astonishing!

I never would have guessed that something like this would happen when we first started discussing the possibility of opening our own startup center in Oulu. From my side I would like to especially thank Teemu for all his effort in running the daily operations, he’s put so much of his own time and effort that it’s just incredible. But not to forget people like Ykä Marjanen and Jouko Kaasila who were also together with us in starting this thing. Also guys like Juha Väisänen and Juha Karppinen, and later Liisa Mutanen, Jason Brower and many more have been actively building this community into what it is today. All these people have put in effort to make this happen.

Of course, there have been many more amazing people and organisations, including the Sandelin family, Business Oulu, Nokia, Vuole, Wantlet, and many more who have helped us a lot along the way, but they are too many to even remember each and every individual who’s contributed in arranging events, meetings, and all.

Less than 2 years ago we started this fire, and hopefully there will be many more fruitful events and meetings, people and organisations that can make Starttaamo even bigger and better than what it is today. At times it’s been and surely will be a rocky road, but at the end only the results matter.

My personal thanks to Teemu for being the firestarter for this, it’s been a hell of a ride! Let’s keep on rockin’ and rollin’! Tomorrow it’s our late Christmas party (Yes, I know it’s February, so what?!), I’m sure there will be lots of war stories to tell…

Tom Laine

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Starttaamo is hosting Peter Vesterbacka in Oulu on Jan 21st 2013. Check for the “public” session (and do remember to register), but there will be more startup and games oriented sessions during the day.

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FastForward Couching in Starttaamo Aug 24th

Fast Forward your startup! Ride the Starttaamo Rocket!

Participate FF Couching – Top Coaches in Starttaamo Coaching event

Starttaamo will host a coaching event for the Oulu startup community. We have got a set of smartest people in the industry to help local startups of different stages find their way forward.

Please note this is not a pitching event. In pitching, the feedback company receives is typically very limited – and this event is all about feedback.

We had similar event in January in smaller scale that proved to be a success. Several participants got excellent feedback to their turf, follow-up discussions with financiers and even completed funding rounds. Based on the reception from all parties, we decided to make the event bigger, bolder and even more successful.

Now we invite entrepreneurs to apply for the event; participating the pre-coaching sessions organized by Starttaamo can greatly increase odds of being accepted to participate.

Events are for the entrepreneurs and coaches only – no hangarounders or free riders to keep the event smallish and cosy.

Registrations at:

Main event:
Date: 24.8.2012, time: 9 am
Venue: Starttaamo

Coaches (currently confirmed):
Artturi Tarjanne – Nexit Ventures
Tom Henriksson – Open Ocean Capital
Manu Mäkelä / Sami Ahvenniemi – Conor
Antti Kosunen – Butterfly Ventures (Northern Startup Fund)
Harry Santamäki – KoppiCatch
Risto Rautakorpi / Petri Lehmuskoski – Gorilla Ventures
Jussi Heinilä – FiBAN, Accelerando
Jaakko Salminen – FiBAN, Qpoli
Kenneth Lampinen – Osaka Ltd
Juho Pietilänaho – Greenstep, CFO coach
Tom Laine – Starttaamo
Ahti Väisänen – Aspire Oy, Coach
Jukka Maliniemi – independent business advisor, angel investor

8:30 Registration & coffee
Welcome, opening the day
Presenting the Coaches, focus areas
Startup pitches (gives overview)
Coaching sessions (2-person coach teams)
Conclusions from the Coaches
18:00 MobileMonday: Finance and Growth (open event w/registration)

Pre-coaching sessions

Pre-coaching sessions are kept to primarily to help companies improve, and secondarily to preview companies for the main coaching event. The main idea behind pre-coaching is to use peer-review method of other entrepreneurs, spiced up with external expertise (e.g. angel investors).

All pre-coaching sessions are kept in Starttaamo, starting at 15:00. Sessions last 2-3 hours each.

Dates: 26.7.2012, 2.8.2012, 9.8.2012 and 16.8.2012.

Responsible organizer:
Teemu Polo, tel 0405654496. Use soljuva dot fi with usual first.lastname scheme.

About Starttaamo:
Starttaamo ry, registered association, is a community created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Starttaamo acts as a catalyst locally to help good ideas grow and become successful ventures. Starttaamo members have been very successful in raising funds from angels and venture capitalists.

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Microsoft arranging a deepdive workshop May 2nd!

Should you still have some questions and need help for finalizing your great app please note the following.

“Microsoft is organizing an exclusive deepdive workshop in May in Helsinki with guru Ben Riga. The workshop is aimed at developers who are finalizing their apps and getting ready to publish to the Marketplace.”

See more at .

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Microsoft Win8 drew full house to Starttaamo

The “Geeks on Slates” tour is a huge success, at least in Oulu and Starttaamo.

Speakers are Microsoft evangelist Juhani Vuorio and Jani Järvinen from Moonsoft.

09:00-10:00 Windows 8 platform an overview
10:15-11:15 Windows 8 Metro design
11:15-12:15 Windows 8 for HTML / XAML developers (audience vote)
12:15-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:15 Lap around Windows 8 Part1
-Controls & Contracts
14:45-15:45 Lap around Windows 8 Part2
-Process lifecycle management

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One room available in Starttaamo!

A rare opportunity opened, one room for 1-3 persons available in Starttaamo.

If you are interested, email me ( firstname.lastname at soljuva dot fi).

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Microsoft cooperation announced!

We have had discussions with Microsoft “boiling under” for some time, and now I’m very pleased to announce our cooperation with Microsoft to bring new possibilities to Oulu startup community and students – all creative, innovative people.

Now we can have a head start to conquer the Microsoft world-wide application store with disruptions offered by Metro and new Win8.

Press release (in Finnish) and details to join in below:

Starttamo ry.

Microsoft Windows 8 –seminaari rantautuu Ouluun

Microsoft Suomi ja Starttaamo ry. järjestävät yhteistyössä uutta Windows 8 – käyttöjärjestelmää esittelevän seminaaarin Startup- keskus Starttaamolla keskiviikkona 11.4.2012.
Windows 8 on uusi, iso mahdollisuus sovelluskehittäjille ja käyttöliittymäsuunnittelijoille. Tässä otsikolla ”Geeks on Slates @ Oulu” järjestettävässä seminaarissa sen osallistujat kuulevat, miten uutta Metro-käyttöliittymää voidaan hyödyntää uusien sovellusten toteuttamisessa ja millaista tukea uusille ja nykyisille laitealustoille on saatavissa. Microsoft Suomen edustaja kertoo tilaisuudessa myös Windows Storesta, jonka avulla kaikilla on mahdollisuus saada sovelluksensa maailmanlaajuiseen jakeluun. 
Aiheen tiimoilta järjestetään kaikkiaan viidessä kaupungissa ympäri Suomea kiertävä seminaarisarja, ja Oulu on yksi noista paikkakunnista.

– Oulun valikoituminen mukaan kiertueelle on luontevaa sikäli, että Oulussa on tunnetusti jo pitkät perinteet korkealuokkaisessa ja ammattitaitoisessa sovelluskehityksessä, kertoo Microsoftin Technology Evangelist Juhani Vuorio.
– Olemme iloisia päästessämme tällä tavoin tarjoamaan uusia mahdollisuuksia alueemme sovelluskehittäjille yhteistyössä Microsoftin kanssa, kertoo puolestaan Starttaamo ry:n puheenjohtaja Teemu Polo.

Polon mukaan nyt järjestettävä seminaari on päänavaus sille yhteistyölle, jota Microsoft ja Starttaamo ry. tulevat tekemään tulevaisuudessakin muun muassa erilaisten yhdessä järjestettävien tapahtumien ja Microsoftin BizSpark-ohjelman muodossa.

Lisätietoja medialle: Starttaamo ry:n puheenjohtaja Teemu Polo GSM 040 565 4496, E-mail
Lisätietoja seminaarista Microsoftin www-sivuilta ja Starttaamo ry:n www-sivuilta

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