Starttaamo covered at TechCrunch and several other publications today

Today’s been a fine day! Starttaamo was covered at TechCrunch and several (dozens!) other startup / tech news media across the globe. We announced that the Starttaamo member companies have raised over 10 million euros so far in venture investments. With rough estimation it has been calculated that this sum adds up together with all the public funding somewhere between 20-25 meur! That’s huge!

Kauppalehti and other more local news media have taken the story to their top stories after TechCrunch first released it, and this has created masses of Twitter and other social media messages and TechCrunch retweets from all around the world. It’s been amazing to read all the messages that fly around the subject, and it’s incredible how much “weight” a media such as TechCrunch has over all other media.

Absolutely astonishing!

I never would have guessed that something like this would happen when we first started discussing the possibility of opening our own startup center in Oulu. From my side I would like to especially thank Teemu for all his effort in running the daily operations, he’s put so much of his own time and effort that it’s just incredible. But not to forget people like Ykä Marjanen and Jouko Kaasila who were also together with us in starting this thing. Also guys like Juha Väisänen and Juha Karppinen, and later Liisa Mutanen, Jason Brower and many more have been actively building this community into what it is today. All these people have put in effort to make this happen.

Of course, there have been many more amazing people and organisations, including the Sandelin family, Business Oulu, Nokia, Vuole, Wantlet, and many more who have helped us a lot along the way, but they are too many to even remember each and every individual who’s contributed in arranging events, meetings, and all.

Less than 2 years ago we started this fire, and hopefully there will be many more fruitful events and meetings, people and organisations that can make Starttaamo even bigger and better than what it is today. At times it’s been and surely will be a rocky road, but at the end only the results matter.

My personal thanks to Teemu for being the firestarter for this, it’s been a hell of a ride! Let’s keep on rockin’ and rollin’! Tomorrow it’s our late Christmas party (Yes, I know it’s February, so what?!), I’m sure there will be lots of war stories to tell…

Tom Laine


CEO and Co-Founder of Innopinion Co-Founder and Chairman of Co-Founder at Starttaamo Owner of HC Services (personal cons. comp.) Co-Founder of Encompass Solutions (SW subcontracting)

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