Launch party a major success!

The launch party last Friday was a major success, almost 80 people joined the party, and it seemed like everyone had a great time!

We had great speakers at the event;

– Eero Kaikkonen from Wantlet

– Niko Mikkola from CIE

– Saku Sipola from Oulu University

– Janne Mustonen from Business Oulu, and of course our own

– Teemu Polo from Soljuva, out fearless Chairman 😉

A special thanks to our sponsors Kaleva and Codemate, help well needed!

Looking forward to greeting our new Starttamo members who left their contact details and want to join the fun! Welcome!



CEO and Co-Founder of Innopinion Co-Founder and Chairman of Co-Founder at Starttaamo Owner of HC Services (personal cons. comp.) Co-Founder of Encompass Solutions (SW subcontracting)

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