Upcoming events at Starttaamo

We are scheduling a number of interesting events to take place at Starttaamo premises in the near future. Several well-known concepts will be moved to Starttaamo, and we hope to bring over some very exciting visitors as guest speakers to the events. No name-dropping yet regarding speakers, but some well known individuals whichof some even Internationally recognized names in their niche.

The calendar is shaping up good, and I’m glad to announce that at least the following events will take place during autumn at Starttaamo;

– Mobile Monday

– Socializing Friday (30.9. date confirmed)

– Finnish Mobile Association / Finnmob Open Bar

– Somepitching Live! a.k.a. ‘meet the angels’

– Friendtrepreneur / Ystäväyrittäjä -events

– Oulu Android Dev evenings

…and many other are being planned and discussed. More news to be released soon, names will be dropped here and at our Facebook fan page. Remember to Like and Share the Facebook page and postings to make sure everyone gets to hear the big news…

The Starttaamo launch party will take place 19.8. starting at 5PM, limited amount of people are allowed at premises, make sure you fit in and Like us at Facebook or send email to tom.laine@somehow.fi



CEO and Co-Founder of Innopinion Co-Founder and Chairman of SomePitching.com Co-Founder at Starttaamo Owner of HC Services (personal cons. comp.) Co-Founder of Encompass Solutions (SW subcontracting)

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