The role of Starttaamo

We’ve had some challenges in explaining it clearly to people (and even to our selves) what’s the role of Starttaamo compared to other institutions and communities that support entrepreneurs and startups.

Our idea has been to provide a community with physical space that operates at very ground level of startup life and has no commercial objectives. This allows us to make Starttaamo to the community for entrepreneurs.

Finally the article in Kaleva opened my own eyes and explains our role perfectly. Now it’s up to all of us to make the ecosystem in Northern Finland to support new startups and entrepreneurs.

Join Starttaamo to give your effort to our cause.


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Exciting fall coming for all starttaamo members

The summer holidays are now over and we are back! Starttaamo is now fully active and we are planning a number of events and other activities to fall 2011. We invite everyone who is interested in startups or like to find job opportunities or to connect with exciting and active people.

We will first start with an official opening party (19.8.) starting at 17:00 here at Nahkatehdas, Oulu. We will only accept first 50 people, so hurry to sign in (you have to be a fan of our facebook pages).

Throughout the fall we will have events almost every second week, so keep checking our facebook pages.

We are also now accepting new members and the member prizes are half off in August, so I suggest to join. Please contact me (yka.marjanen(at) to get accepted.


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Why to join as a member

If you are an entrepreneur, wanting be one or just generally very active in creating innovations, Starttaamo is a community for you. Golfers have their club house to hangout and talk, so we decided to have a community for entrepreneur-minded people.

When joining as a member (45 €/year to students, and 60 €/year to others) you can come and hangout at Starttaamo and meet people. You will receive startup related news and events in Oulu and around the world. Starttaamo also organizes several events throughout the year and as a member you get first notice to participate.

Starttaamo offers members also a possibility to rent a desk for few days a week to a full time use without long renting periods or big contracts. We also have a private meeting room, which all members can reserve for a small fee.

For students Starttaamo is a great community to find jobs and contacts, people to your team, inside information on how to apply funding, and have fun. We are also starting a mentoring program this fall to help students to understand what it is like to work in a startup.

Interested? Contact one of the Starttaamo people to join.

BR Ykä

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