FinnMob, Founder2be, Aalto Venture Garage, OuluSES, Socializing Friday, Somepitching Live!

They all are good to go!

FinnMob, a.k.a. Finnish Mobile Association will be launching the brilliant, notorious Open Bar events in Oulu at Starttaamo, starting Friday 16.9. We’ll surely be having an excellent event then. More announcements regarding that coming soon!

Founder2be is great concept for startup people to find each other! If you’re missing a key person from your team, this is the place to find it. Starttaamo and Somepitching together are working with Founder2be to help everyone find exactly who they are looking for, thus joining the Global Partner Program of Founder2be – proud to be on board!

Aalto Venture Garage was in Oulu also the last time they had their great startup sauna warm-up tour, and this round doesn’t make an exception! Starttaamo and Somepitching will join the fun, this time the Sauna event taking place at CIE at Oulu University, followed by a special event at Starttaamo, with the working title ‘Somepitching Live!’. OuluSES is actively working on the Startup Sauna event as well, and the Starttaamo and OuluSES collaboration takes another big step forward! The Sauna event takes place in Oulu 7.10. Come on, pitch!

Socializing Friday is a great business networking concept that has been attracting major crowds both in Helsinki and in Oulu, and we’re proud to announce that next time the Socializing Friday event will be held at Starttaamo! The date is 30.9 and the event registration will open some time in the near future! Welcome!

Socializing Friday

And last but not least, SomePitching online business idea competition will be launched soon again, and this time with a live event included. The Somepitching Live! event will take place at Starttaamo, and the date is the same as with Aalto Startup Sauna event, 7.10., but in the evening. There is  major pitching round-up in Oulu those days, as the Money Talks ( by Technopolis) is held at 6.10. in the afternoon where also Somepitching is partnering, the Aalto event takes place 7.10. during day, and then the Somepitching Live! is 7.10. in the evening at Starttaamo! If there ever was a reason for You to come to Oulu to pitch your business, get feedback and training for it, and to meet lots of business angels, this is it!!! Be there or be… nothing! Ever! Come on, let’s do Some Pitching!

(Which of these new Somepitching logo versions is the best in your opinion? Let us know and we’ll be forever grateful…)

See you at Starttaamo at these events, this is the place where things happen if anywhere!

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