Why to join as a member

If you are an entrepreneur, wanting be one or just generally very active in creating innovations, Starttaamo is a community for you. Golfers have their club house to hangout and talk, so we decided to have a community for entrepreneur-minded people.

When joining as a member (45 €/year to students, and 60 €/year to others) you can come and hangout at Starttaamo and meet people. You will receive startup related news and events in Oulu and around the world. Starttaamo also organizes several events throughout the year and as a member you get first notice to participate.

Starttaamo offers members also a possibility to rent a desk for few days a week to a full time use without long renting periods or big contracts. We also have a private meeting room, which all members can reserve for a small fee.

For students Starttaamo is a great community to find jobs and contacts, people to your team, inside information on how to apply funding, and have fun. We are also starting a mentoring program this fall to help students to understand what it is like to work in a startup.

Interested? Contact one of the Starttaamo people to join.

BR Ykä

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Starttaamo is officially launching its services to members in August. Follow our facebook pages to get more info and discount as first members.

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Why we created Starttaamo

There is no one answer, but the main reason behind Starttaamo was a need to meet other entrepreneurs in a neutral and unofficial space. We wanted to have a place, which was controlled by the entrepreneurs. Several of us also moved next to the Starttaamo, so that we can be there everyday. It has been great so far.

We also wanted other like minded people to enjoy the space and the community so we created Starttaamo ry and rented the space from Nahkatehtaankatu 2 (Åström office building). This way anyone can join our community and help us to build the central hub of entrepreneurship in Nordic Scandinavia.

In coming fall we will organize several events at Starttaamo. Join our facebook page (fb.com/starttaamo) and read and comment our posts and help us to grow the community.

This is a community driven effort, so we will only do what is needed by entrepreneurs. We have no political or financial agendas, or a motivation to promote our own products. We just want to have fun and boost startup culture here in Oulu.

BR Ykä

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